ONE RED ROSE (revisit)

Paul Brisco ,Peter Corrigan, Janelle Donovan, Tony Perrino
Peter Corrigan


Do you hear that wailing blues you-done-me -wrong song on our player? In cooperation with Peter Corrigan of Peterenvy Muisc, we have just launched a digital single from the Blues Noir hit CD - What I Am. The song is "One Red Rose", written by Peter. Janelle Donovan and Peter sing on it (see bio reviews), Peter and Paul Bricso perform steamin' guitar solos,and Tony Perrino plays a smokin' Hammond B3 organ and produces at the same time, by golly! So go on treat yourself to a  delicious twist on an age old story. Click here!



Peter Corrigan, front man for Blues Noir wrote this awesome song. I had the privilege of recording the female part in Tony Perrino's studio. Tony was producer and Hammond B3 player for their album. While working in LA with Mark Cargill and Greg Cook, we decided we wanted to add this song to our upcoming album and do a little revisit on it to fit the mood of my album. We ran it by Peter who was happy about the match up. Mr. W and Ms. Cheryl McDowell-Rooks added their splendid background vocals. This is one of only two songs that I didn't write that I wanted on this CD. Enjoy. I mean like really. Dig it.


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