Janelle has a truly lovely voice and did a wonderful performance at the RCF OF WNY candle lighting service in honor of her beloved Brian. Janelle offers peace and friendship at each of our gatherings and I'm sure Wyatt, my son and Brian are up performing each day Thanks Janelle, the Christmas album is beautiful and so is "Cannonball"
Janelle I love listening to your music and waiting for your Christmas release music. I have the collection of all of your albums released yet to date. Silent Night and Christmas Eyes are my favorite ones. Keep rocking.
Enjoy your jazz. So sorry for your loss. May you find peace and comfort in your memories, your family , your music and faith.
WOW! Beautiful!!!! Love it! You have a beautiful voice!
Janelle has such a refreshingly beautiful voice. Heartfelt Jazz you will love! I look forward to her upcoming album and hearing her in my area of the US soon!
Beautiful voice!
You have an amazing voice!
Janelle your awesome!
You look absolutley fantastic!!!!
Janelle, You are fantastic! I'm a fan!!!! Thanks so much sharing your talent with me and I'm really happy they would play for me on the computer, Danny
You have a terrific website. Please read mine. http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
Oh, Janelle you are a phenomenal woman. You are loving, giving, and truly inspiring person. The website is awesome. "Two thumbs up and a popcorn" :) I LOVE love love One Red Rose.
Your music is fantastic--I get something new out of the songs each time I listen them! And the website looks great too!
I enjoyed your music , keep up the good work.
I listened to your music on tonerecords.net. It is excellent. I will be purchasing a couple of pieces. I simply love "You Are My Destiny". Very nice work, "Choose Peace Not War" Thaddeus E.
WOW!!!!! I love your new song that you sent me. You are so perfect for the jazzy blues. As usual, I am wowed by your talent.
Great songs!

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