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In loving memory of my youngest son who passed away from #cancer three years ago. Below are the lyrics to a song I am writing for Brian. Mark Cargill & Greg Cook are my co-writers. Last June we finished the basic tracks for "Cannon Ball." Sometimes, I would start to cry during recording. Mark and Greg would stop and sit with me quietly, sometimes crying with me until I could start again. We had been working together about 4 years when Brian was diagnosed. They were very supportive during our battles and stayed in touch with me. They told me their church friends were praying for Brian and I. I love how this song evolved from our hearts. We need to have other good recording buddies join us to finish the instrumental base and background singing. It has been a few years since I have seen them but it will truly be a home-coming.A lot has happened since I saw them last. Most of the album was finished before Brian was diagnosed. Only this memorial song and the title track "Main Street" remain to be finished.  My Blog carries more information about this marvelous young man, my beautiful baby boy. With much gratitude to our family and friends and @Livestrong. For more info on adolescent and young adult  #AYAcancer see @heycriticalmass & @stupidcancer

Peace and love - Janelle 

Cannon Ball  Copyright 2017 Janelle Donovan

Sail him like a human cannonball

Far away from here

from the silent desperation 

and the quiet constant fears

Blast him past the gravity

Of this sickened circumstance

Through the stratosphere of miracles

where he can find another chance


Shoot him like a cannonball

Help him sail to heavens gate 

Find the everlasting cure we crave

before its too late

Fly him fast... like a cannonball


But he flew like a shining star 

 out of here

away from all the earthly pain

Beyond the fear

He rose above the gravity

 that tried to pull him down

With angel force inside 

he rose above the ground

And just to remind us 

that he was still beside us

From the ceiling above us

To let us know he loved us

 He turned... and gave us one last  smile.

No cannonball appeared...


I feel his hands upon my shoulders

 Hear him say my name

In heaven dreams he hugs me tight 

although it’s not the same

I don’t shatter like a cannon ball

I find a place right here

Through the new born silence and my sudden aching tears

I don’t shatter like a canon ball - no, not for today

The love of those around me helps me grab onto the day

I find another chance to rise 

 despite the mass and matter

My heart does not  completely shatter ...


Doesn’t shatter like a cannon ball

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