Hello all you beautiful people out there - one way to help our families on the Gulf Coast

Hi Guys

 After searching I found one way you may like to help our families stricken by the BP Gulf Coast Oil disaster - United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area


Hopefully this link will take you to their home page. They have a great video going with jambalaya music playing , interviews with the fabulous four crab fisher/skippers from "The Deadliest Catch", and clips of interviews with families impacted economically by this horrible mess. I hope this is helpful..."united we stand"....


Janelle Donovan

Janelle Donovan Singer -songwriter

Hi folks

"Justa call to say hello, justa call to let you know..." (Lyrics from "Lemme Know" , one of our new singles for the Magnetic Eyes CD Copyright TONErecords.) 

I have opened my own website in addition to tonerecords.net.


This site will be for booking my solo performances such as special and holiday events (We do have a new Christmas CD- "Christmas Eyes"- that will be released in October 2010 - so I will be out promoting it), weddings, fund raisers, studio work, private parties, civic events etc. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope to be singing to you soon.  Love ya - Janelle

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