New tunes

We have more samples of our Christmas Eyes songs posted. Please come and sample. They are sure to make you feel cheery!

Love and peace


Check out

HI folks from all over the world...I' d love to have you check out our important musical focus right now !!!!

WE want some of your recipes for holiday food to share with our global musical family. Come on guys - give it a whirl...if you got the recipe from a book that's OK - just say so...if you invented it yourself so much the better - let's PAHTAY!

Love and peace


A Bit O' Exciting News!!!

Hi Folks just a bit o exciting news!!!!

Our new Christmas CD "Christmas Eyes" is at the manufacturing plant having the graphics designed and the disc duplicated. I'm soooo excited! I should have the proofs of the design to inspect in a few days! I can hardly wait. Oasis has awesome design artists.   I am so grateful to Mark Cargill, Andrew Carney, Greg Cook, Joe Mele, and Tony Perrino for their heartfelt collaboration.

Love and peace


Monday Night in the Studio

Hello friends!

 Monday night was late AND gooood! Mark Cargill and Greg Cook finalized the mastering of our new Christmas CD. I stopped by at the end with some celebration goodies. They are both quite talented and I am very happy and excited about how it sounds. We will be opening a new website dedicated solely to this album. We will have a page for fun holiday stufff like favorite recipes, too! AND posting some of your holiday fiesta fotos. It is going to be fun so dig out grandma's cookie recipes and least get crackin'!!!

Love and peace to all,


9/11 Tribute CD - "Monahan's Old Truck"

HI Folks

For the next week, we will be featuring our tribute CD "Monahan's Old Truck". The songs are based on stories told to me in inetrviews with firefighters from Ladder5/Engine 24 in the East Village New York City. It is also featured on  and on our Facebook page (Spice of Life).

"During the first weeks after 9/11, while New York City courageously recovered from the largest attack on American soil, we as songwriters started trying to express the experience through music, and hopefully provide comfort and support through a truly American story. Many people and companies donated money, time, and equipment to help produce the album pictured above, including the Northeast Blues Association, and the Watervliet Fire Department, all in upstate New York. But nothing could ever equal the priceless contributions made by the NYFD  and  the many other first responders who  protect that great city.   These stories were gathered by direct interview with the firefighters at Ladder 5 /Engine 24 in the East Village. They had lost 11 souls. The CD insert contains further inspirational information.  Profits from the sales of this music are still donated to the Women’s and Children’s Relief Fund for that particular fire station to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice."

Peace on earth and good will to all,



in the Studio

Hi folks

I was in the studio  a day ago finishing up the last vocal for the Christmas CD. Now it is mastering time as most of it has been mixed. Soon it will be sent off for duplication and Voila! A new CD pour toi mes amies. 

All my best from the west




My thoughts and prayers go out to the families caught in devastating floods around the world. Especially the children.

Christmas in July???

Hey guys!

We started mixing and mastering our songs for our NEW Christmas CD. I am working with Mark Cargill and Greg Cook in LA to finish the latest material. I am very excited about how the project is turning out and I hope you will be delighted as well. We are also planning West Coast / East Coast performances and appearances. I'll keep you updated on my calendar page once we get up some speed. LOVE to see you face-to-face.

Love ya


Hello all you beautiful people out there - one way to help our families on the Gulf Coast

Hi Guys

 After searching I found one way you may like to help our families stricken by the BP Gulf Coast Oil disaster - United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area

Hopefully this link will take you to their home page. They have a great video going with jambalaya music playing , interviews with the fabulous four crab fisher/skippers from "The Deadliest Catch", and clips of interviews with families impacted economically by this horrible mess. I hope this is helpful..."united we stand"....


Janelle Donovan

Janelle Donovan Singer -songwriter

Hi folks

"Justa call to say hello, justa call to let you know..." (Lyrics from "Lemme Know" , one of our new singles for the Magnetic Eyes CD Copyright TONErecords.) 

I have opened my own website in addition to

This site will be for booking my solo performances such as special and holiday events (We do have a new Christmas CD- "Christmas Eyes"- that will be released in October 2010 - so I will be out promoting it), weddings, fund raisers, studio work, private parties, civic events etc. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope to be singing to you soon.  Love ya - Janelle

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