Good things

Hey all you wonderful people out there! Haven't posted the new name of the album yet. Working to get the trumpet, back-up singer and graphics done first. Excited about the changes though. Eager to share it with you. Wishing you all peace love great health and safety.  

Janelle Donovan #Jazz #LongBeach

Good Changes

Had a great session finishing up last two songs for the new album. We were very happy with both of them. So pleased that the title of the new album has changed. I work with some good kind and very talented people. Have to start getting cover ideas formatted. Ill let you know how it is all going. Wishing you all peace and love.

To France

Cher #France, je vous aime. Dear France, I love you. Vous nous avez aidés gagner notre liberté. You helped us gain our liberty.Mon cœur se brise pour vous ce soir. My heart is breaking for you tonight.Etats-fait la force. United we stand.

Thoughts and prayers

Philandro Castile and Michael Smith are in my thoughts and payers tonight. And with their broken hearted loved ones. I pray for #peace #love #justice and a sound mind to rule our world.


My thoughts and prayers tonight are with the loved ones of the police officers laid to rest today in Dallas. Running toward the danger so that others could find shelter. "No greater love has this -  that one should lay down their life for a friend..." God bless you all. Peace on earth and good will to all people.

Are you made for shades?

Today is #NationalSunglassesDay so post away! Even the @Whitehouse is in on this.How about you @CoryBooker (for #VP)!

Janelle Donovan Saint Paddy's Day in shadesLiveStrong Day 2016 #BandedTogether

Greater love...

"Greater love has no one than this: that one should lay down their life for a friend..." John 15:13  #MemorialDay


Wishing you all much love peace luck laughter great health and abundance!

Thank you 68!

Big thanks to the people from 68 nations who visited us on our website in August! Wishing you all peace and love in this harvest season.

Coast of the #Monterey peninsula

61 nations!

Yes. 61 nations have visited our website this month! HELLO world! Music is a powerful bridge to love and peace on earth! Thank you for visiting! Blessings to @POTUS @CoryBooker #PopeFrancis @Livestrong @Critical_Mass @StupidCancer @WBGO @JazzFM91

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